Where do I buy my base wigs?

This article is up to date as of 19/02/2018. Please note that for all wigs pictured in this article, whilst the materials were sourced from the respective suppliers they were styled upon receipt by Nomes Cosplay

It’s worth noting that I’m based in the UK and thus this has a bearing on my chosen wig suppliers. Please find below a list of my current preferred wig stores. If you’d like to recommend an additional store for the list please let me know in the comments. Cost allowing, I will look into purchasing a wig from that store to review its qualities (heat tolerance, style and colour options, appearance, handling, volume, etc.).

UK suppliers

Coscraft: Coscraft are the pinnacle of cosplay wig suppliers in the UK. At the time of writing this (19/02/2018) they stock 14 styles of wig in up to 53 colours made from heat-resistant fibres. On occasion, they also stock specific character wigs for limited runs.

Coscraft stock wefts in all their wig colours making it easy to create wigs with colour variegation or increase wig thickness – better still Coscraft sell colour rings; well worth the small investment to ensure you purchase the best wig colour for you.

The delivery times for Coscraft orders within the UK are incredibly quick and I can expect to receive my items within 2-3 days of ordering. Shipping is free within the UK for orders over £15.

WiWigs: WiWigs stock a somewhat eclectic range of style and colour options however they are well worth a look. The fibres tend to be shinier than I’d like however this can be treated and the wigs are heat tolerant. WiWigs are convenient to have as a local supplier: quick delivery within the UK, workable fibres and a reasonable price.


China suppliers

Wig is Fashion:

I’d go so far as to say Wig is Fashion are my favourite lacefront supplier. Soft deep lace, gorgeous blended colours and heat-resistant fibres. You pay for it however, with the lacefronts selling for GBP £55-60+ compared to £25-40 at Color.salon and around £45 at Coscraft. It’s worth keeping an eye out for sales.

Though WiF have a broad range you can never be quite sure what they’ll have in stock. I’m not sure if it’s simply because of the way their wig categorisation system works, but where with Arda and Coscraft I am able to memorise their styles and use colour rings to determine what will best suit my needs, with Wig is Fashion I’m never quite sure if I’ll find the right wig or even what I’ll find. I usually find something that works, but it requires a hike rather than a sprint through their stock. Whilst WiF do sell wefts, it’s on a made to order basis only.

Wig is Fashion also stock non-lacefronts. They have a good range but I find them a little more hit and miss than their lacefronts. Nice enough quality though sometimes an excessive shine on the fibres.


If you need a natural coloured lace front and are on a budget, color.salon is worth a look. The fibre quality is good but they have brought down costs by reducing the depth of their lace. On average you get about an inch of ventilated lace. They do stock some deeper lace options though I have yet to try these.

No matter; not all styles need three inches of lace. Whilst the cap size feels smaller than, say, Wig is Fashion, they are still very wearable. My boyfriend has the biggest noggin I’ve fitted for a wig and Color.salon wigs fit him snuggly.

The colour and style range is limited. The fibres are heat resistant.


If I need a 150cm turquoise wig, CosplayDNA are my port of call. The wig caps are smaller than the other suppliers in this list so be prepared to expand the cap if you have a large head or a lot of hair to fit underneath. The fibres have a matte finish, are heat resistant and a wide, albeit unpredictable range of colours and styles.


USA suppliers

Arda wigs:

Arda stock so many styles and colours now it’s somewhat overwhelming: 50+ styles and 80+ blended colours. Matching wefts, ponytails and ventilated lace squares are also available here. They also sell colour rings making it easier to determine which colour to buy without the risk of misrepresentation on screen. Arda wigs are thick, matt-toned, and easy to work with. The cap-sizes are spacious to encompass even the biggest noggin.

The downside for a UK buyer are the inevitable high shipping charges, and the high likelihood of customs charges.

Suppliers to be tested

Lush wigs

Kasou wigs

Lucaille wigs

Cosplay Salon

Epic cosplay

Fairytale wigs

Multiverse wigs


Author: Nomes

I began cosplaying in 2010 with no prior skills in sewing or crafting. Almost 40 costumes later I’m still going. I have represented the UK in cosplay competitions on multiple occasions including the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals in 2012 (solo category) and 2015 (group category). On this blog I hope to share cosplay articles, tutorials, guides and works in progress from my ongoing adventure into the art of cosplay and costume making.

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